Carrying live animals

Carrying live animals in your luggage without authorisation is illegal and could get you arrested.

Q1 Can I bring my dog or cat to travel with me inside the cabin?
A1 Airlines may carry pets either in the cabin or the hold, depending on the weight and size of the animal. Please note that the relevant animal protection regulations as well as the regulations on bringing animals into and out of the countries concerned will have to be observed. Depending on the country of departure and destination, service animals (which are not pets and are defined as working animals that assist persons with disabilities) may be allowed (by law) to travel in the cabin. Further information about the carriage of pets should be obtained from the airlines concerned.

Q2 What should I consider if I want to bring a pet?
A2 For common household pets – namely cats, dogs and falcons – there are a number of considerations. Before calling the airline have the answer to the following questions:
- Is your pet going to travel within your own country, or will it be travelling internationally?
- When do you want your pet to travel?
- What is your pet’s size and weight?
- How many animals will be travelling?
- Is your pet to be accompanied?
- Do you intend to break the journey, or stopover at an intermediate station?
- What is the pet’s final destination?
- Do you have a suitable container for your pet?
- Do you have a clearance from a Veterinary Doctor?

Q3 If someone has gifted me a snake, insect or any other reptile, can I carry it in my hand baggage inside the airplane?
A3 No, the airline does not carry reptiles of any kind. If you have any further queries please contact the airlines concerned.

Q4 Are there any special regulations regarding carriage of live animals?
A4 Carriage of animals is governed by the IATA Live Animals Regulations, which the airline will provide on request.

Q5 Who is responsible for completing the legal requirements for carriage of live animals on airplanes?
A5 The passenger bears sole responsibility for ensuring that all legal requirements and restrictions associated with the importation and exportation of animals are met. As a general rule the passenger is liable for all damage and consequential damage caused by the animal or carriage of that animal.