Disruptive passengers

Having an unruly passenger on board can be risky for you and others. Be prepared to help control such a passenger, when requested by the cabin crew.

Q1 Who are disruptive passengers?
A1 Persons who commit, on board a civil aircraft, from the moment when the aircraft door is closed prior to takeoff to the moment when it is reopened after landing, an act of: assault, intimidation, menace or willful recklessness which endangers good order or the safety of property or persons; assault, intimidation, menace or interference with a crew member in the performance of duties or which lessens the ability to perform duties; willful recklessness or damage to an aircraft, its equipment, or attendant structures and equipment such as to endanger good order and the safety of the aircraft or its occupants; communication of information which is known to be false, thereby endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight; and disobedience of lawful commands or instructions for safe, orderly or efficient operations.

Q2 What triggers a disruptive behaviour?
A2 There are many triggering factors. For example: Stress of travel like- Security fears, Lengthy queues, Flight delays, Traffic delays; How the Ground personnel and Air Crew treat them like - Being treated like a baby, Unacceptable seat arrangement, Rude behaviour; Physical & Physiological factors like - Alcohol consumption, Nicotine deprivation, Cabin Oxygen, Physical discomfort, Noisy passengers, Dehydration, Nausea due to turbulence, Boredom, Relationship issues; Personality disorders, Mental illness etc. It’s rarely one cause but it only takes one trigger to make a passenger behave in disruptive manner.

Q3 If a fellow passenger is troubling me what should I do?
A3 You should bring it to the attention of the cabin crew.

Q4 What happens to passengers who misbehave during the flight?
A4 All airlines follow a set procedure like issuing a verbal warning followed by a written warning. If the misbehaviour continues, the Commander of the aircraft may order the cabin crew to restraint the passenger by using restraint straps. Such passenger is handed over to Law enforcement authorities on arrival for initiating a judicial action against the offender.

Q5 Am I expected to help the crew to control a disruptive passenger?
A5 Sometimes cabin crew my request fellow passengers to help them in controlling a disruptive passenger or ask to give a witness statement in writing