Not to joke with security

Joking with security is no laughing matter, you could be arrested for playing pranks regarding security matters.

Q1 Is it an offence to joke with security personnel at the airport?
A1 Security personnel at airports perform a highly responsible job. They are also required to observe people who display suspicious behaviour. It is not advised to joke with security personnel as it may be misunderstood and may land you in trouble.

Q2 What will happen if I say that “Why are you checking me, do you think I have a bomb?” Or “Do you think I am a terrorist?”
A2 Using such words in an airport environment is strictly forbidden in most countries. You may face prosecution charges for arguing with security personnel.

Q3 What words should not be used at the airport or inside the aircraft?
A3 Some of the words that should not be used are Bomb, Hijack, Sabotage, Terrorist etc.

Q4 Can I joke with my friends in front of security personnel?
A4 No, you should in fact avoid joking with anyone in front of security personnel as it could be misunderstood by them.