Radio controlled planes

Radio controlled planes are great fun, but if not used in the right areas can be dangerous for you and others.

Q1: What do I need to have in place before embarking on operating a Radio Controlled Model Planes in the UAE?
A1: You need to check with the Local Authorities and the GCAA, and furthermore you definitely need to be a member of a club that is willing to be authorized and regulated by the Authorities.

Q2: Where would I be able to operate these RC Model Planes safely?
A2: In areas designated for these practices to ensure none interference with ATC and other Navigational Aids used by Aero planes and ground Navigational Aids.

Q3 Would these Model Planes pose any Safety threats to other low flying Aircraft?
A3: Yes they definitely do if the other traffic is not aware of their operating areas and what altitude they can reach during the operation, but if regulated , authorized and they operate in a designated area that are noted and well defined they will indeed cause no harm to other operating traffic.

Q4: Why these RC planes were part of some local AIR SHOW like Al Ain?
A4: These events are authorized and the participants are very experience and belong to a club and most importantly they operate in an area within the boundary of the authorized AIR SHOW under the close supervision of FCC ( Flying Control Committee.