Smoking during a flight is prohibited and you could be arrested, it's also dangerous for you and others.

Q1: Can I carry Cigarettes with me?
A1: Yes, cigarettes can be bought in Airport Duty Free shops and can be carried on board the flights in hand baggage but it is strictly prohibited to smoke them on board.

Q2: How many packets of cigarettes can I carry with me?
A2: The number of cigarettes and the number of packets that can be carried to a particular destination depends on the respective country’s Customs regulations. It is advised to consult the airlines regarding the number of cigarettes that can be carried by each person to a particular destination.

Q3: Why is smoking not allowed inside the aircraft?
A3: GCAA prohibits smoking of tobacco products onboard the aircraft because it can affect the health of others around you and it could start a fire on board.

Q4: Can I smoke in the toilet where no one is watching?
A4: No, it’s strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere inside the airplane. The offenders may face charges if they are caught smoking on board.

Q5: Can I smoke in the toilet where no one is watching?
A5: There are no commercial airline companies that permit passengers to smoke during a flight. However, some charter companies that offer private plane rentals do allow smoking.

It is suggested that you consult your physician. Some people wear high-strength nicotine patches and carry nicotine chewing gum on the flight. It helps them to avoid the craving for tobacco to quite some extent.