Flight Tips

We have collected together the best ways to make your trip safe and secure.

Aero Medical: Discover the best way to travel safely and healthily, checking with your doctor before your journey is one sure way to making your trip safe and secure.

Security Tips: Security is an important element to making any flight safer and more enjoyable for you and others.

Safety Tips: Discover why air safety is so important to making your trip an enjoyable one, below are some tips on how to make your trip safer for you and others.

Cardiovascular disease

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you should check your health before flying, making the flight safer for you and others.


Q1 I’m diabetic on insulin (type 1 DM) and intended to travel by air , my concern is my insulin supply how can I carry it?

Disability related items permitted through the security checkpoint include

Passengers who may have artificial joints or implants should always carry a letter from their doctor, making security checks faster and safer for you and others.

Haematological disorders

Patients with a hemoglobin of greater than 8 g/dl may travel without problems assuming there is no coexisting condition such as cardiovascular or respiratory disease.

Motion sickness

Q1: I would like to travel, but can’t tolerate the nausea and occasional vomiting which I experience every time I travel?


Q1: I’m planning to deliver outside the UAE and would like to know up to which trimester I can travel?

Travelling with kids

Q1 I have a 23 months kid, and I would like to travel with him by airplane, but I’m concerned about his safety in the event of turbulence or an emergency.

Carrying live animals

Carrying live animals in your luggage without authorisation is illegal and could get you arrested.

Carrying other's luggage

Travelling with someone else's luggage can be dangerous for you and others.

Collaborating with security

Become eyes and ears of security. Report suspicious objects and suspicious behaviour to the police.

Disruptive passengers

Having an unruly passenger on board can be risky for you and others. Be prepared to help control such a passenger, when requested by the cabin crew.

Fire Lanterns

Fire lit lanterns have been know to rise to over a thousand feet, releasing them near airports can cause problems for airplanes that maybe landing or taking off

Liquid, aerosols and gels (LAGs)

Travelling with liquids, aerosols or gels in hand carried luggage is restricted because it can be dangerous for you and others.

Not to joke with security

Joking with security is no laughing matter, you could be arrested for playing pranks regarding security matters.

Prohibited and dangerous items

Carrying prohibited items and dangerous goods can endanger the safety and security of you and others.

Using laser points near airport

Using laser points near airport can affect the vision of pilots and on the ground crew, endangering the lives of pilots, ground staff, passengers and your loved ones.

Luggage Weight Allowed

Travelling with a heavy piece of luggage in the cabin can be dangerous for you and others.

Radio controlled planes

Radio controlled planes are great fun, but if not used in the right areas can be dangerous for you and others.


Smoking during a flight is prohibited and you could be arrested, it's also dangerous for you and others.

Usage of electronic devices

Refrain from using mobile phones and other electronic devices when requested by the crew members as they can cause the airplane's control to malfunction.